Physician Connect

To help facilitate extraordinary patient care, Covenant Health developed Physician Connect, an online program that gives doctors the ability to view important patient information in a virtual environment.

Physician Connect allows doctors to:

  • View finalized, transcribed reports
  • Access lab reports as they become available
  • Download patient histories and physicals
  • Access emergency room reports and other physician consults
  • Review X-rays, CT scans and other diagnostic images through the PACS Filmless Radiology interface
  • Review medical documents on MD Consult, an online library of research, books, journals and practice guidelines that offers patient handouts in English and Spanish

Each physician is assigned a unique user ID and password to help safeguard information. Any other staff member who needs to access patient billing data or other information will be issued a separate user ID. To ensure HIPAA compliance, office staff member access is limited to certain areas such as billing and insurance.

Join Physician Connect

To become a Physician Connect user or change your access, please download the security access form for Physician Connect. Valid email addresses and phone numbers are mandatory. After completing the form and obtaining signatures, please fax it to Lamar Hayes at (806) 725-1195. Once user access is created, they will be contacted via email with login information.

Physician Connect Helpdesk: (866) 803-4685
Please call this number for issues with this portal including password resets, security issues, technical problems, or not being able to see patient information.