PACS Filmless Radiology

Covenant Health introduced the Fuji Computed Radiology and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to improve access to critical diagnostic imaging for all our physicians.

With PACS, you can easily access images online from any Covenant computer, including monitors at nurses’ stations and in every ICU and ER. And because they can be viewed simultaneously from multiple locations, there are no more delays when images need to be shared.

The PACS system is compatible with 73 pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment at Covenant, including CT, MR, ultrasound, portable X-rays, routine diagnostic, nuclear medicine and PET.

How it works

When a patient is scanned, the computed radiology technology captures the radiographic images on a photo-stimulable imaging plate, which is then digitized. The image is acquired digitally and stored on a PACS server. Authorized users can then log on to PACS using their personalized user IDs and view the image within minutes of the procedure.

The system is secure and requires a unique user ID and password to gain access. It also includes an automatic log-off function to prevent unauthorized access.