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Welcome from our Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Karen Baggerly

At Covenant Health, nursing is an integral part of the organizational operation. As vital members of the healthcare team, nurses incorporate collaboration, clinical practice, and a culture of caring to support patient and family-centered care. Through our commitment to safe and reliable care delivery, nursing actively partners with our patients and their families to address needs and define outcomes. Nursing practice at Covenant is based on Virginia Henderson’s philosophy, with focus on development of the nurse-patient relationship and the nurse-team relationship. Nursing care is initiated through use of the nursing process and is delivered in a modified Primary Care model. The goal of our professional practice is to achieve patient outcomes through accountability, responsibility, collaboration, professional growth and development of each member of the nursing team.

As providers at the frontline of care, nurses have an important role in achieving desired outcomes based on patient needs. Covenant Health supports the ongoing development of evidence based practice, participation in quality improvement and research activities, and the process of continual professional development. Our excellent Internship Program and Mentoring Program demonstrate our commitment to create a positive environment for nursing practice. Our shared governance model allows us to carry out our functions through a collaborative model of interdisciplinary teams while maintaining autonomy for the individual staff nurse.

Covenant Health is an integral part of the Lubbock community and is very important to the people of West Texas. We acknowledge the trust our patients have in our abilities to care for their health needs and we take this responsibility very seriously. Nursing provides leadership for the organization’s quality initiatives, maintaining a focus on providing a safe, therapeutic, and healing environment for the patients we serve. We recognize the multicultural dimension of our delivery system, committing to the values of Dignity, Service, Justice, and Excellence as the driving force in all we do.

Our mission at Covenant Health is to provide professional, distinctive nursing care which exemplifies us as a progressive, innovative health care organization of excellence. We believe we are the best place to practice compassionate, evidence based, patient and family-centered care. If your professional goals match this environment, we invite you to join our outstanding community of nursing staff.

Karen Baggerly, MSN, RN, CCRN

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